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Deck Pressure Washing

You will find that power washing is very effective at making your wooden decor structure look nice and clean. To help ensure this, certain products are used.

Save Your Money

If you own a wooden deck that looks diminished there is hope. You have the option to save your money and get a new-looking deck. Power washing is popular amongst homeowners who own decks, sheds and other structures that are made with wood. It is important that the power wash that you receive is done correctly. When wood is wet, it becomes softened, which means it's easier to damage with too much water pressure.

Important details of professional pressure washing of the deck

Too many deck owners have had their decks ruined by unskilledpower washers. It is important that too much "power" isn't usedduring the wash.
Our knowledgeable power wash technicians have a proven trackrecord of restoring wooden decks and keeping them looking likenew for a long time to come. We properly prepare your woodendeck and use the right amount of pressure at all times. Our techsapply a contractor grade sealer after the wood reaches the rightlevel of dryness.

At the end, you will have a deck that looks brand new.

Plus, it will be protected from damage from all weather – sunshine or rain

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