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Glass Restoration / Stain removal

We can repair cracked or damaged glass without having to replace the whole window. Many types of glass damage can be repaired using glass restoration services. It's less expensive and takes less time to do this than to replace an entire window. A thick layer of contaminants has grown up on the glass over time, discoloring and reducing its clarity. We can remove this layer of impurities.

The Nature of Hard Water Stains

Daily exposure to harmful UV rays, misdirected sprinkler heads, pre-cast leaching and run-off, metal oxidation, glazing breakdown, acid rain, and other environmental pollutants can leave damaging deposits on glass and window frames. If addressed soon enough, many of these deposits can be removed easily and rather inexpensively as compared to the cost of an extensive glass restoration project.

Left untreated, however, these deposits will eventually chemically bond with the glass, requiring removal of its top layer in order to restore the glass to an acceptable condition.

Stain Removal

Glass restoration is the process of restoring glass to its original pristine appearance by removing stains, corrosion, or etching that cannot be removed with regular window cleaning. Because glass is such a porous substance, it is extremely susceptible to mineral deposits.

Unfortunately, property owners often underestimate the amount of regular maintenance required to maintain the original sparkle and shine of the glass. The trend towards less frequent maintenance of the glass on many commercial buildings has resulted in damages that are costly to repair.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Glass Protection

We can also protect your window glass or shower doors from staining in the future by applying special glass sealants. This will eliminate potential staining and expensive glass restoration expenses in the future. It's a very affordable add-on service that can not only make a dramatic difference in the way your windows look but eventually lower your window maintenance costs by at least 30-50%.

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