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In the world of professional window cleaning, Best Local Window Cleaning in NYC stands apart. For over a decade, we've served homeowners across the city, consistently delivering meticulous attention to detail and top-quality service that meets and exceeds our clients' expectations. But beyond our commitment to exceptional service, there's something else that truly sets us apart — our unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability.

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June 9, 2023

Our Pledge to be the Greenest Window Cleaning Company

Our aspiration is not just to be the best in terms of service quality but also to be the greenest window cleaning company in the NYC Tri-State area. This isn't a mere slogan for us; it's a commitment that permeates every aspect of our operations. From the products we use to the vehicles we drive, every decision is guided by a conscientious effort to reduce our environmental impact.

Our Green Initiative Smart Cars and More

A significant part of our green initiative is our use of Smart Cars. These compact, fuel-efficient vehicles are a cornerstone of our efforts to minimize our carbon footprint. Their excellent fuel economy and low emissions make them a perfect fit for our eco-friendly ethos, aligning with our commitment to not only preserve but also contribute to the health of our planet.

These Smart Cars allow us to navigate the bustling city streets with ease, reducing our contribution to traffic congestion and parking problems, and ensuring that we're always prompt and on time for our clients. They've become a symbol of our dedication to the environment and our clients, often spotted all over the city by those who appreciate our efforts towards a cleaner, greener New York City.

Moreover, our goal is to have the lowest carbon footprint possible. As part of this commitment, we've integrated eco-friendly practices at every level of our operations, including the use of low-emission Smart Cars for transportation.

Why Smart Cars?

When we say we're a green company, we mean it. And our fleet of Smart Cars is a testament to that commitment. These compact vehicles are known for their excellent fuel efficiency and low carbon emissions, making them a perfect fit for our eco-friendly ethos.

Fuel Efficiency and Lower Carbon Emissions

Smart Cars, as their name implies, are designed with efficiency in mind. They offer excellent fuel economy, allowing us to travel across the city with minimal fuel consumption. This not only reduces our operational costs, but more importantly, it also significantly reduces our carbon footprint. In a time when concerns about climate change are growing, we believe that every bit of carbon emission reduction counts.

Reducing Traffic Congestion and Parking Problems

New York City is notorious for its traffic congestion and parking issues. By using compact Smart Cars for our operations, we contribute less to these problems. Smart Cars require less space on the road and for parking, helping to alleviate some of the traffic and parking pressure in the city.

Moreover, the compact size of Smart Cars allows us to navigate the city more effectively. This means we can reach our clients faster, reducing the time spent on the road and, consequently, our fuel consumption and emissions.

Our Smart Cars, frequently spotted all over the city, have become a symbol of our dedication to the environment and our clients​​. They represent our commitment to preserving our planet and providing efficient, eco-friendly window cleaning services to the residents of New York City. We're proud to be recognized not only for our top-quality services but also for our efforts in environmental sustainability.

Beyond Smart Cars: Our Green Cleaning Practices

Our commitment to eco-friendly operations doesn't stop at transportation. We strive to use biodegradable products and offer environmentally friendly and safe services, demonstrating our aspiration to be the greenest window cleaning company in the Tri-State area​. 

Biodegradable Products

From the soaps we use to the sponges we clean with, every product is carefully selected for its low environmental impact. We use only biodegradable cleaning agents that break down safely in the environment, and we avoid products that could harm local waterways. This means that when our cleaning solutions wash off your windows, you can be confident that they won't contribute to pollution.

Environmentally Friendly and Safe Services

In addition to our eco-friendly products, we have adopted environmentally friendly practices throughout our services. We minimize water waste during our cleaning procedures, and we ensure proper disposal of any waste generated during our work. The safety of our employees, customers, and the environment is our top priority, and we maintain rigorous standards to ensure we uphold this commitment.

High-Quality, Eco-Friendly Equipment

Best Local Window Cleaning also ensures that our cleaning equipment is top-of-the-line, constantly upgrading to improve the quality of our services and lessen the environmental impact​​. We choose equipment that is not only effective but also eco-friendly. For instance, our water-fed poles reduce water usage compared to traditional cleaning methods, and our high-efficiency machines use less power, reducing our carbon footprint.

In every aspect of our operations, we aim to be a model of sustainability in the window cleaning industry. We believe that every business has a role to play in preserving our planet, and we're proud to do our part​.

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Our Commitment to You and the Planet

At Best Local Window Cleaning, we're not just a service provider, we view our work as a commitment to you, our clients, our employees, and our planet. We firmly believe in our role as responsible stewards of the environment, even as we strive to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and service quality in our work.

Our commitment to your peace of mind is paramount. We demonstrate this by maintaining comprehensive insurance coverage that includes a $6 million general liability insurance policy, worker's compensation, disability, and commercial auto insurance policies. This level of coverage ensures that, in the unlikely event of any mishaps or accidents during the provision of our services, our clients are completely protected. We want you to rest easy knowing that when you engage our services, you are not just receiving high-quality window cleaning but also the security that comes with our thorough insurance protections.

In addition to our rigorous insurance policies, our proud membership in the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) further underscores our commitment to you. The IWCA is a respected organization that holds its members to the highest standards of safety, education, and certification. As part of our membership, we strive to uphold these rigorous standards and promote a professional and trustworthy image for window cleaners everywhere. We believe in continuous learning, regularly updating our skills and knowledge to ensure that we remain at the forefront of best practices in the industry.

Our IWCA membership also means we are part of a community committed to improving the window cleaning industry, particularly in areas of safety and certification. This means that we are constantly updated on the latest techniques, safety protocols, and industry innovations that we bring directly to our clients through our services.

But our commitment doesn't stop at providing excellent service and maintaining safety standards. We are also deeply committed to the wellbeing of our planet. We strive to be the greenest window cleaning company in the NYC Tri-State area, employing environmentally friendly practices in all aspects of our work. We use biodegradable products, drive low-emission Smart Cars, and offer services that are not only efficient but also reduce environmental impact. We consider every aspect of our business from an environmental perspective, constantly seeking ways to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute positively to our community.

Choosing Best Local Window Cleaning cleaner means choosing a company that cares. We care about delivering the highest quality services to our clients, ensuring the safety of our employees, and protecting and conserving our environment. We're not just cleaning windows; we're helping to make a clear, clean difference in homes, businesses, and communities.

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can work together. Let's create brighter, cleaner spaces while contributing positively to our community and our planet.


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