Window cleaning service in Manhattan, New York

What do you need to know about window cleaning services and how to choose the best one?

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August 31, 2022

Dear Homeowner, Choosing a window cleaner in Manhattan is difficult since you are forced to deal with misleading advertising, perplexing promises, and simply incorrect information from businesses that opened their doors yesterday to unskilled professionals who have no understanding of safety.

When selecting window cleaners in Manhattan, NY you should be familiar with the local window cleaners.

  1. For example, if you live in “35 Hudson Yards” or any other Manhattan tower, you should be aware that only those licensed to operate the Davit System - Building Maintenance Unit can maintain your windows from the outside, or if your building allows Rope access, you must also undergo special training and obtain an SPRAT certificate.
  1. A firm must have special insurance to lawfully clean windows in Manhattan, which starts at $100,000 per year. And, as you know, not every organization can afford it. Typically, these specialists will provide you with a COI, posing as a General Liability Insurance Certificate and a Workers' Compensation Certificate. But beware: this is a falsehood. COI prohibits window cleaners from cleaning windows from a height. Only on the ground floor.
  1. Every window cleaner in Manhattan must have the following certifications and hours of professional training: 

Window cleaning service in Manhattan, New York

7 Questions to Ask Before Inviting a Window Cleaner to Your Home

  1. Is your insurance accepted by the management of my building?
  2. Do you have a certificate of general liability insurance and a certificate of workers' compensation?
  3. Is it covered by your insurance to clean the windows outside the building? (You can readily obtain information on COI by contacting the broker who issued it and inquiring about the company's criteria.)
  1. Inquire about the International Window Cleaning Association's rules (IWCA).
  2. Request personal certificates and inquire about their Window Cleaning experience.
  3. Inquire about your home's workflow and the cleaning chemicals it utilizes.
  4. Is there a satisfaction guarantee, and what if it rains after they leave?

4. Examine the number of reviews on window cleaners first, and then the quality of the reviews on Google. (Especially those with only one or two stars). These evaluations are from dissatisfied customers who had a terrible experience with the company's service. It is acceptable to make mistakes. However, if a company has been on the market for a long time and intends to stay in business for a long time, it should have reacted to this and remedied it at the level of business procedures.

This post was created to assist you with better understanding window cleaning in Manhattan, New York. With this information, you can now make an informed and wise decision.

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Window cleaning service in Manhattan, New York

What do you need to know about window cleaning services and how to choose the best one?

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